Pastor’s Wife

Ruth was raised in a home with a very godly mother.  At an early age, she felt a call to be a missionary to Africa.  However, the Lord did not open this door of service until she was forty-years-old!

Those who have benefited from her ministry — both here and abroad — cannot fail to acknowledge the gifts and anointing which the Holy Spirit has manifested in her life.

Her love for the Word of God is apparent to all.  From her studies in that Word, God has blessed her with special insight and wise counsel with which to foster spiritual growth for productive Christian lives.

Ruth has consistently endeavored to present clear instructions in righteousness, that the grace and glory of the Lord may be revealed in and through the lives of ordinary Christians who are — even as she is — totally given over to faithfully exalting the name of our Lord.

You may be interested is some of these insights which she offers in her “C & C Papers.”  They can be found on the “Free Downloads” page of this web site.

Ruth presents a message on going beyond the cross.

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